If a dental defect has become so extensive that an inlay for reconstruction is no longer adequate, a protective cover in the form of a partial or full crown becomes necessary. For gaps, a bridge as a fixed prosthesis may be worth considering. Dental crowns can return natural functionality to your teeth and can protect your teeth for years to come.
When several teeth have to be replaced by removable prosthetic appliances (e.g. partial dentures, full dentures), a broad range of treatment options are also available to you depending on your diagnosis and your individual needs.
Our restorations are fabricated exclusively in Switzerland by experienced dental laboratories and dental technicians and meet the highest standards of quality. To also make certain that your restoration really "fits" you, we are happy to advise you about the pros and cons of the various solutions and to support you in your decision, so that "restoration" in no way means a loss of quality of life for you!

  • Inlay Treatment
  • Veneers / porcelain dishes
  • Crowns and bridge restorations
  • Combined solutions, fixed on tooth and/or implant
  • Combined restorations, fixed / removable
  • as so-called partial denture solutions
  • Removable prosthetic solutions on tooth, implant or mucosal-borne only