Dental prophylaxis or preventative dentistry deals with measures to prevent the emergence of diseases of the teeth and periodontium. In addition, it also contributes significantly to extending the life of your valuable dental prosthesis. Prophylactic measures should be customised from childhood to old age.
With a wide array of treatment measures, the teeth, interstitial spaces and gums are cleaned and maintained. The removal of deposits and tartar is only a small part of the treatment. Discolourations on all tooth surfaces are also cleaned. Subsequent polishing not only makes your teeth feel smooth, but prevents future discolourations and the build-up of deposits.
Finally, preventative dental and oral care now has the high priority in our part of the world that it has always deserved. With targeted prophylactic measures, we can prevent periodontitis (i.e., inflammation and bone resorption). Many of the dental problems that await us in the course of our lives can be alleviated through professional oral hygiene and sometimes even completely avoided. We are happy to advise you about:

Child and youth oral hygiene & prophylaxis

Adult oral hygiene & prophylaxis
Senior oral hygiene & prophylaxis
Prosthesis hygiene
Halitosis (bad breath)

To keep a good feel in your mouth and your bright smile for years to come ...