Surgical Treatment of Pain
Teeth that are so severely damaged that they can no longer be treated and preserved can be the cause of acute pain. Inflammatory conditions such as abscesses can also be a frequent cause of pain. In both cases, effective analgesia and a quick surgical response to relieve the cause of the pain is required in addition to an accurate diagnosis.

Operative Removal of Wisdom Teeth (Osteotomy - OST)
After normal tooth extraction, removal of impacted wisdom teeth is the second most common surgical procedure in dental practice. Due to their confined position in the jaw and the late time of eruption, wisdom teeth are very often problematic and painful, and when these problems occur, the dentist has no other choice but to remove the teeth as soon as possible. All other attempts to treat the problems and pain are usually doomed to failure. If you have wisdom teeth or are not certain if you have them or you are not certain if your wisdom teeth will cause problems, let us examine your teeth. We can then advise you accordingly and resolve your problem, if necessary.

An apicoectomy is often the last resort for dead teeth whose roots have developed bone inflammation, a cyst or granuloma. In general, such inflammation cannot be treated with antibiotics, leaving only surgical removal of the inflammatory lesion the only option. We recommend an apicoectomy when there is already a major, radiographically visible infection site, when root canals as part of endodontic treatment cannot be completely filled or when filling the root canal does not lead to the desired result and inflammation continues.