State-of-the-art tooth-coloured fillings. Aesthetics are appealing and a radiant smile is endearing at first glance. Beautiful teeth even with fillings - easy to achieve today as state-of-the-art materials are hardly distinguishable from natural teeth. For small to medium-sized defects, composite fillings are best. They are prepared in the mouth directly, are perfectly colour-matched to the tooth and are no longer recognizable as a filling. For larger defects, indirect fillings, so-called inlays made of ceramic are worth considering These inlays are custom fabricated by the dental technician or by computerised equipment (Cerec 3D) after taking an impression of the prepared tooth and then inserted by the dentist. Their precision, stability and service life are unsurpassed. What fillings are suitable to safely provide long-term restoration for a dental defect can only be assessed individually after an examination. We're here to help and advise you.

-Restorative treatment

-Veneers / porcelain dishes

-Crowns and bridge restorations
-Combined solutions firmly seated on tooth and/or implant
-Combined restorations, fixed / removable as so-called partial denture solutions
-Removable prosthetic solutions on tooth, implant or mucosal-borne only