External whitening of vital (living) teeth.

Internal whitening of devitalised (dead) teeth.


External whitening can be used to brighten vital (living) teeth. A distinction is made between three methods here:

  • Power whitening, in-office bleaching in the dental practice.
  • Home whitening, the patient performs at home according to the dentist's instructions. For home     whitening, the patient wears transparent splints fabricated in advance from an impression and filled   with whitening paste at night for several weeks. The teeth are steadily brightened with regular use.   However, this can often lead to sensitive teeth and gingival irritation. Therefore, regular check-ups   by the dentist are very important!

  • Laser teeth whitening!

effective - fast - gentle - painless
Brighter white teeth
Short treatment times (approx. 1 hour per appt.)
Results immediately visible
No laboratory preparation needed
No damage to the tooth surface
The advantage over other treatment methods is the dental supervision. The teeth are not damaged although the depth of penetration is greater than comparable methods.

Laser whitening - what is it?

A well-groomed appearance is becoming increasingly important in today's society. Laser-supported whitening is the most state-of-the-art method for brightening discoloured teeth. This treatment may only be performed in a dental practice, is therefore clinically tested and medically accurate. You can find more information about it on the homepage.

The brightening is more pronounced and longer lasting than whitening methods performed at home. It is faster and more effective. Trust the experienced hands of the dentist whose expertise is behind this method. You'll be very satisfied with the results!