With state-of-the-art root treatment techniques (endodontics), we can give you the option today to treat your tooth effectively and to preserve the tooth instead of pulling it. For a tooth essential for a bridge abutment, this can be critical. The costs of a new bridge or even an implant are much higher than the costs of an expensive root canal treatment.
Your healthy tooth consists of a dental crown and one or more roots. The dental nerve (pulp) is found on the inside of the tooth. If the dental nerve is affected by caries bacteria, it can become inflamed (pulpitis) and even die (necrosis). The consequences of such can be inflammation of the jaw bone, which is caused by bacteria proliferation and bacteria that then escapes from the root apex.
To preserve a tooth damaged in this way, we remove all bacteria and tissue debris from the canal system, as well as all arborisations and then inlay and seal the root canal. Root treatments require a lot of time, experience, care and expertise. New methods and instruments have raised the probability of success of these treatments.
Good oral hygiene is the best protection because undiagnosed or untreated tooth decay is most often the cause.
Be good to yourself, prevention is always better!